Sunday, 11 March 2007

Seymour & Molly

Seymour here again. I went to Molly's house on Saturday to watch Crufts and I think I'm in love! I know she's supposed to be Jackson's ladylove but I reckon I'm in with a chance. What do you think? Here she is playing hard to get...

...but I worked my charms on her and now I think she likes me! Jackson had better watch out cos I think she might prefer me to him.

Until next time,

Seymour x


Maggie said...

Jackson better hurry up and get well soon or he's not going to have any food, toys or girlz! You're movin' right in on him Seymour!!!

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

Hey Seymour...better watch out. Us Terriers are tenacious. You could end up as multiple bits of unattached stuffing. Me and Butchy will come help Jackson out, and I bet Axel and Bussie will too!
Terriers take care of their own, and we've always wanted to be "Transatlantic Terriers!"