Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Blog rivalry and bed update

J1 has started her own Forever Foxed blog. What's the big idea? She already knows that it won't get anywhere near as many visitors as mine so I don't know why she's bothering. Ho hum, sometimes you just have to humour the humans, I guess. You can take a look if you really must but please don't encourage her too much. Her real job is waiting on me hand and paw and being my typist. That shouldn't leave her much time for anything else.

More on the new memory foam bed. It really is the ♥BEST♥... I like it so much that I'm actually too comfy to get up in the morning and J1 has to prise me out of it with a chisel! J1 has a couple of complaints though. She says that the fleecy base which is a strange oatmeal colour already looks dirty even though it isn't and she thinks the bolster bit is too noisy. According to her it "rustles" every time I turn over. What do I care, it's giving me the best nights sleep I've had in years! Sweet dreams...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Time for a snooze?

Do any of you have memory foam beds? J1 has been toying with the idea of buying one for me for ages to help with my neck problems.. After hours of painstaking research she finally chose this one made by Orvis... it's even got my name embroidered on it!

Whilst it's not quite as stylish as my lovely Cath Kidston bed...

...or as cosy as my terrier tunnel...

it certainly is sooperdooper comfy. J1 wanted to test it, but I told her to clear off! It's for dogs not great big lolloping humans! Bloomin' cheek! I'll let you know if it meets my exacting standards...On first inspection it gets a mighty 4 paws-up!