Saturday, 27 September 2008

Paddy Paws

OK pals, I need your help. As most of you know, I was rehomed with the Js by Fox Terrier Rescue here in the UK. They do lots of wonderful work helping both smooth and wire FTs but they don't get ANY funding so they totally rely on the goodwill of their supporters. Every once in a while they have to help a very special dog who needs a bit more TLC.

Photo courtesy of Fox Terrier Rescue

This is Paddy and you can read his full story by clicking here. Like me, Paddy was found as a stray and taken to Battersea Dogs Home before heading to Fox Terrier Rescue. Sadly, he is blind in one eye and needed surgery to save his sight in his other eye. Fox Terrier Rescue paid for this and his vet bill currently stands at a whopping GBP £2000. If you are able to help Paddy please visit the website and make a donation, however small. Unfortunately they are only able to accept UK Sterling cheques at the moment.

He's recovered well from his surgery and here he is looking rather handsome with a new 'do...

Photo courtesy of Fox Terrier Rescue

Good luck, Paddy. I hope you find a great forever home soon...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Handsome-ish again

I know, I know, it's been an AGE since I blogged. Did you miss me?

The Js and I have been caught up in all my medical stuff and it was getting kinda dull so I thought I'd wait until I was feeling a little bit perkier. Still having my regular vet trips but I think I'm finally over the worst. And I had a haircut today so I thought you might like to see me looking handsome-ish again. Still a bit lopsided from where I was shaved for surgery but now you can hardly see the join!

Regular (and eagle-eyed) readers may notice that the plant in the background is still clinging onto life. J1 hasn't QUITE managed to kill it yet...don't worry, she will...

In my last post I promised to show you some more of my pawsome birthday gifts so here goes...

My pals, Asta Marie, Toby and Dewey sent me 2 x bully sticks, a beautiful trinket box made by their clever human and a lobster stuffie. I'm afraid the lobster toy is no longer with us. I destroyed it yesterday, before this photoshoot.

Did you see the lovely WFT and the RAT on the box??? This is fantabulous! You may wonder what I was doing while this photo was being taken. Well, I was chewing on the other bully stick, but where is Koobuss' bully stick holder when I need them??

I also received a gift from my pals, Noah, Tess, Willow and Lucy in Australia. They sent me a training shoe stuffie (alas, now departed) a Good Cuz which is a work in progress, some delicious snackies and a lovely WFT pen which I MAY let J1 borrow from time to time.

The Good Cuz seems to be missing one of his feet. Oops!

Thank you so much Dewey, Asta Marie, Toby, Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy; these gifts really cheered me up and I absolutely LOVED them all.

So what else have we been doing? Well, J1 has expanded her Forever Foxed empire and now has a store on Etsy, as well as her regular website. Take a look at our new tapestry cards cos one of the designs is based on J1's interpretation of ME!

I'll be visiting your blogs and catching up shortly. Please forgive me for missing some of your birthdays and gotcha days. I'm so glad to be back...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ok, this is getting REALLY BORING!

The veterinary hospital like me SO much that they wanted to see me again today. Apparently I'm not recovering as quickly as I should be, so they wanted to poke and prod me a bit more and steal some more blood and peemail. Results back next week...

Other news: I have a skin infection which can't be treated as usual by steroids because of the other medication I'm currently taking for pain relief. Instead I've got to be washed in the stinky special blue shampoo that I'm sure many of you have also used. Bleurggghh.

My eyelids are inflamed, either from the skin infection, OR the eye drops that the Js have been tormenting me with. Hurrah, no more drops for me for a while until my eyelids are back to normal...

I've also been licking my lips. A lot. It's sorta discoloured my beard which I am NOT happy about. Apparently this could be either a sign of pain or nausea, possibly related to my neck problems. More tablets to try and sort this out. Won't bore you with the details but it's complicated and involves swapping tablets about a bit.

Then we get to my calcium oxalate crystals and stones. I'm going to try taking some potassium citrate to sort it out. Trouble is, too much potassium is VERY BAD so the Js have to find the right balance. They've got to monitor the pH of my peemail every day by using little stick things. Problem is that J2 is colourblind and can't read the chart too well. Guess I'll have to make sure J1 does it! I'll have to go back to the vet often to check my potassium levels.

So what with my bad neck, skin infection, possible stomach ache/nausea, post surgical pain, urine crystals/stones it's no surprise that I haven't been feeling too good. Here's hoping that this new regime works!

I promise that my next post won't be so boring. Got some more pawsome barkday gifts to show you...