Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fox Terrier Fun!

What do you call a bunch of 15 Fox Terriers? Or was it 16? J1 lost count. Is it a Bark of Terriers? We certainly were noisy at times.

Today was the first Fox Terrier Fun Walk in Stanmer Park, Brighton and I finally got to meet my blogging pals, Sally and Paddy and made several new friends. It was a pleasant sunny day and we had a lovely stroll through the countryside, stopping for photo opportunities every now and then. Have you ever tried taking photos of dogs walking together? It's pretty hard work cos the silly humans keep getting in the way and mugging for the cameras. No-one wants to see them, right? It's all about us dogs, hehehe.

Here are some of us at the start, raring to go. Can you spot me? J1's mum (in white) is holding me and I'm in the middle, looking jaunty. You might want to bigify the photo for maximum handsomeness.

Here are some of my new pals:

Pippa and her daughter, Rosa

Me with Willow. Notice the admiring glance she's giving me?

Here's Max, enjoying a quiet moment away from the rest of us, with a chew.

Binkie and Sally

Me, Paddy (not Sally's Paddy, a different one) a bit of Max's tail growing out of Paddy's head and Pippa.

I think this is Hector with his lovely ears.

Yummy Fun Day treats from my favourite shop, the Dog Dog's Bakery.

And I mustn't forget the few interlopers who walked with us: Crumble the Cocker Spaniel, Sparky the Miniature Dachshund and Molly & Seamus the Irish Terriers.

And here I am back home, just getting ready to have a good snooze. All that barking seems to have made my ears stand on end!

A great big Jackson-sized thank you to all who attended and Diana for organising it and Annette and Diane for route-planning combined with crowd control; you all made it such a marvellous day. Let's do it again soon...

PS If you want to see tons more photos and an exciting video of the walk, take a look at my Facebook group page (Foxed - Wire Fox Terriers) in the Events section.