Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Boring vet stuff

My test results for Cushing's Disease came back and are inconclusive. I'm probably in the early stages so I've got to be re-tested again in 6 months. Cushing's Disesase has nothing whatsoever to do with:

Peter Cushing (British actor)

or even:


You can read more about it here.

Kidney Stones Update:

My kidney stones surgery is due to take place on Tuesday 12th June. Some of you asked how I got the stones in the first place. It wasn't really because of my love of stones, I was only teasing! I didn't get them from eating stones either (I never eat them, I just collect them). I got them because of the horrid medication I'm taking following the removal of the tumour in my neck. I should finish the medication in about 2 weeks and I'm hoping that once it's stopped I won't grow any more. The surgery will get rid of the existing stones and I'm also on a special diet to help prevent them coming back.

Detective Jackson reporting for duty!

You may remember that I suspected my vet of being a vampire. Well, I've finally managed to get PROOF! I went to the vet for my usual blood tests and this time they went straight for the jugular. If you look closely you can even see the bite marks on my neck!

The vet also shaved my legs but I think this might have been a front to cover his tracks. I hope I've managed to convince you with this startling new evidence!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Tagged! Again!

Ruby tagged me! I have to show a photo of me with another animal and write a caption underneath. I know this is cheating slightly, cos it's only Barnaby but here goes:

I am NOT a toy!

Who hasn't been tagged for this? Let me see, I nominate Buster, Asta (NY) and Billy


I've been tagged by Precious to tell you 7 random facts about myself, so here goes:

1 Jackson isn't my real name
2 The first toenail on my front left foot is missing
3 I'll eat anything made of rubber
4 I like eating flies but I'm not very good at catching them
5 I attack my lead every single day
6 Other dogs don't like me and I don't know why (I'll show you the scars to prove it!)
7 I like to listen to BBC Radio 4

I think every other dog in the entire blogosphere has also been tagged, but if you haven't been tagged yet and you want to participate, please consider yourself tagged by me!

Friday, 25 May 2007


"Paws off you two, these stones are all mine"

I think I may have mentioned in the past that I'm very fond of stones. Whenever I go for a walk, if I see a stone I like the look of I'll attempt to carry it home with me. I tend to like BIG stones best, and they can be very heavy to carry in my mouth. Sometimes they don't quite make it home with me and so I leave them on the pavement for other dogs to find. The stones that do manage to survive the journey tend to end up in my garden. When J1 & J2 are sitting outside in their deckchairs, I like nothing better than finding my stones and throwing them at their feet. And then barking. Loudly. Inevitably, some of them get confiscated but you'd be surprised at how many other stones you can find in the garden by a bit of digging and rooting around. I don't think this habit particularly endears me to J1 & J2 but I like to think it keeps them on their toes.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is because it turns out that I like stones so much that I've grown a few inside me! They're in my bladder to be precise and although they don't hurt at the moment, they've got to come out. This means another horrid operation but I don't know when it will be yet. I'm hoping that once the stones have been removed they'll let me keep some as a souvenir so I can show them to you. I know you can't wait to see them!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Eye tests and stuff

One of the tablets I'm currently taking can cause my tear ducts to dry up so J1 has to test my eyes every week with these little paper sticks. It's called Schirmer's test and they use it on humans too.

The sticks are bent over at the cutout part and placed under the bottom eyelid. J1 does each eye in turn.

Then I have to stand there for 1 minute

The stick acts like blotting paper and a blue line appears which indicates how moist my eyes are. After 1 minute, the stick is taken out and J1 reads the number at the blue line.

Phew! It's fine this week!
I've got to have an ultrasound on my stomach on Tuesday. I hate vets!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Jackson vs The Red Tyre

The red tyre is my favourite toy EVER! I know it's not much to look at, but it's red (my favourite colour), made of tough plastic and very heavy.

I like to gnaw on it, but I also like to play a game where I hide it in my bed and then try and dig it out. I always make funny noises when I play with this toy, so make sure you have the volume up for maximum viewing pleasure. J1 tried to drown me out with silly music, but you can still hear me roaring in the background.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Tummy tagged!

I've been tummy tagged by Maggie. This means I've got to show you some photos of me asleep laying on my back with my legs in the air.

Ladies, you may wish to avert your eyes now!

Now I'm supposed to tag three other dogs, but I've kind of lost track of who has already been tagged. I nominate Buster, Koobuss and Bogart.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Molly's Birthday

It was Molly the Irish Terrier's 4th birthday on Sunday. We decided to have an intimate little get together with just the two of us. I wanted to celebrate in style with a cake and candles, but Molly preferred the savoury option so we had a lovely home made sausage meat pie instead. It was yummy.

I decided to make her a birthday card...(I had a bit of help with this. Thanks Shaun!)

Then we watched 101 Dalmations on the telly (I only like the bits with the Airedale)...

Finally we posed for our birthday photos. Molly was a bit self conscious wearing her party hat...

Not like me! I love posing for the camera!

All in all, we had a lovely time. Many Happy Returns Molly!

The votes have been counted and verified...

It's official! The votes have been counted and here are the results:

26 voters decided I'm far more handsome than Jimmy Edwards or Terry Thomas

12 voters thought there was a passing resemblance to Jimmy Edwards but only

2 voters could see how much I look like Terry Thomas

Thank you for your votes!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Separated at birth?

Whenever I have a haircut J1 & J2 say I look like Jimmy Edwards. No offence to Jimmy Edwards fans, but really? Have they gone mad? I'm much better looking!

I prefer to think of myself as more like Terry Thomas! He's suave and sophisticated. And also a bit of a cad and a bounder!

What do you think?

Please vote now!

Who do I look like?
Terry Thomas
Jimmy Edwards
Neither. You're much more handsome!
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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Haircut and bandage

I had my summer haircut on Saturday and I think I was lookin' pretty darn handsome, even if I do say so myself! I had to go back to the vet yesterday and now he's ruined my good looks by shaving both my front legs again for more blood tests. The vampire vet strikes again!!!

Here I am with my little blue bandage and a very sad face. I thought I'd show you this to elicit some sympathy.

Has it worked?

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