Monday, 10 May 2010

RIP Jackson

One of the last photos of Jackson, taken by Diane at the recent Fox Terrier Fun Walk

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that Jackson died peacefully in his sleep last night. When I woke early this morning he was still warm but already gone.

As many of you already know, he battled against many health issues during the (almost) 6 years we had with him, including degenerative disc disease, Cushing's Disease, cataracts and had survived major surgery for kidney stones, primary hyperparathyroidism and lung cancer. A short while ago he had a stroke, followed by 2 others, but seemed to be making a good recovery. I think that in the end his poor body had just had enough.

He spent his last day cheerfully, as ever; he trampled some flowers in our garden, sauntered around the local park, dined on pasta and tuna and spent the evening curled up on my lap where I like to think he was dreaming of his favourite occupation, destroying toys.

J2 and I have been very grateful for your support, kind words and comments over the years and hope that you will remember Jackson fondly. He was a dog in a million.

J1 & J2