Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Farewell old chum...

A year ago today Jackson passed away, so very peacefully. I think of him often and J2 and I both miss him dearly. We would like to thank you, his blog readers and pals, for all your kind thoughts, messages and gifts, they really did mean a lot to us. We were touched that the musings of a small grumpy dog were enjoyed by so many.

I wanted to end Jackson's blog on a positive note. Many of you already know that in August 2010 we adopted another little dog in need, this time a 2 year old Welsh Terrier who we called Noodles. I think that Jackson would approve.

Much love,

J1 & J2 with Noodles xxx

Monday, 10 May 2010

RIP Jackson

One of the last photos of Jackson, taken by Diane at the recent Fox Terrier Fun Walk

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that Jackson died peacefully in his sleep last night. When I woke early this morning he was still warm but already gone.

As many of you already know, he battled against many health issues during the (almost) 6 years we had with him, including degenerative disc disease, Cushing's Disease, cataracts and had survived major surgery for kidney stones, primary hyperparathyroidism and lung cancer. A short while ago he had a stroke, followed by 2 others, but seemed to be making a good recovery. I think that in the end his poor body had just had enough.

He spent his last day cheerfully, as ever; he trampled some flowers in our garden, sauntered around the local park, dined on pasta and tuna and spent the evening curled up on my lap where I like to think he was dreaming of his favourite occupation, destroying toys.

J2 and I have been very grateful for your support, kind words and comments over the years and hope that you will remember Jackson fondly. He was a dog in a million.

J1 & J2

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Good Friday was a very good day...

Every day is a good day when you're a terrier, right? There are always new dogs to bark at, humans to ignore, smells to sniff, things to be grumpy about...But I just knew that Good Friday was going to be an extra special day because J1 was tidying up, which let's be honest, doesn't happen often around here.

I had no idea what was in store until a car rolled up outside and J1 took me to the front door to greet our visitors. And guess who it was???? None other than my pal Asta's humans all the way from the good ole US of A. And who was with them? My square pal Eric and his humans too! My eyes nearly popped out of their head!

Here's Eric and I saying hello:

He's the pipsqueak in the photo. Remember that I'm substantial, NOT fat!

Eric then decided to take up sentry duty:

The humans were ooo-ing and ahh-ing over us both but Eric and I took it all in our stride. I even fell asleep with my head resting on Ami's foot, probably because I noticed she was wearing socks with WFTs on them!

As if the day wasn't good enough already, they then showered me with shedloads of pawtastic gifts! I made a start on destroying a chipmunk but this was swiftly removed as I am supposed to be quiet and resting after my recent stroke.

(Don't worry about the eggs, they were for the Js). I'd just like to point out that the socks are great but rather too big. What's that? They're for the humans? Oh, I thought they were for ME!

After a couple of hours J1 and our guests went out for a stroll but I was too tired to join them so I stayed behind with J2 to try out another gift, my new Cath Kidston Bandana:

(please ignore dead plant growing out of my ear. J1 says it's a work in progress)

and then dream of destroying all my lovely presents...Thank you pals for a truly pawsome day...

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Been feeling pawly...

I know that many of you have already heard on the wire that I've been a bit under the weather recently. It seems I had a mild stroke and temporarily lost the use of my back legs. The world went a bit lop-sided for a while but never fear, I'm on the mend now!

Thanks to all my pals, old and new, for your good wishes and messages of support. I hope to be able to visit all your blogs soon, but until then, here's a recent photo of me lounging on the Js bed.

Handsome, eh?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Walking the Dog

Heard about the new graphic novel that features a Wire Fox Terrier? It's called "Walking the Dog" by British illustrator David Hughes and stars his WFT Dexter.

Some of you may have already read about it cos J1 and her previous WFT, Watson, are mentioned in it and she's been blabbing about it all over the place. Take a look at her Forever Foxed blog to read more.

Anyway, the book is strictly for grown ups, not pipsqueaks, because there is some (ahem) "adult content" with a few HBO words thrown in. And it's not just a book about walking the dog even though that's the title. Confusing huh? Well, I liked the book as it was funny and a bit rude in places but as usual we got far too much of the humans and not enough of Dexter the Dog, the real hero of the piece. I'd like to know what Dexter thinks. I hope he's getting a big cut...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Please form an orderly queue for Pawtographs...

Some of you may have already read on my wirey pal Eric's blog that the pair of us were going to be featured in the February 2010 issue of the UK magazine, Your Dog. Well, it's finally out and we are included in a 6 page breed feature about Wire Fox Terriers.

I was dismayed to discover that J1 has muscled into MY photo and is mugging away. I have blanked out her face to spare you all the horror and you'll see that I am turning my head away in disgust. Eric's human was much more sensible and stayed out of the limelight but she did include some wheelie photos. Pah!

J1 was huffing and puffing a bit about the article because it says we are "relatively easily trained" (yeah, right!) "especially good with children" (Mmm, couldn't eat a whole one) and "friendly" (ha!) .

[Click on article to enlarge]

Anyway, now that I am officially famous I need to be escorted everywhere by my security team to keep my adoring fans in check. Please form an orderly queue for pawtographs...

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Merry Kissmas!

Merry Kissmas pals!

Even though I didn't participate in the Dogs with Blogs Christmas Card Exchange this year some of you were still kind enough to send me a card which is rather pawsome. Thank you!

Wishing you all the best Christmas, with treats and toys and good times galore in the year ahead.