Friday, 27 June 2008

And the winner is...

Remember my competition last week on how long it took me to destroy my snax toy? Some of your guesses were very funny. I mean, 10 seconds? Really! Do you think I have teeth like Jaws from the James Bond films or something???
Want to know who the lucky winner is?

Fanfare of trumpets...

It's....Charlie Daniels with his guess of 4 minutes 23 seconds. The ACTUAL time it took me was 4 minutes 12 seconds so his guess was the closest. Congratulations pal! A prize will be winging its way to you shortly!

I'm sure some of you will think I'm losing my touch. I think I was just slightly bemused by its balloon-like texture; it was almost TOO easy. But in the end it was no match for my giant gnashers.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Don't call me scarface!

Yesterday I decided to take the Js for a walk down to the beach. On the way we saw a lovely Airedale and I thought I should go over and say hello. I sniffed her undercarriage politely but then she got slightly cross and bit me on the ear! I was quite taken aback and there was LOADS of blood. Luckily we were quite near the vet and so I was rushed straight there for stitches. So that's another scar to add to my collection. I hope it doesn't ruin my good looks.

Since then my ear has gone all sticky-uppy, but I think it's just because it's a bit sore. Want to take a look?

You can't see the wound from the front, so here's a view from behind...

What do you think? Still as handsome as ever?
Anyway, it turns out that the Airedale is called Buffy. I am rather worried because as we all know from the TV series, Buffy is a vampire slayer. Does that mean I'm a vampire and she was trying to slay me? Remember last year I had some concerns about my vet being a vampire cos he's always taking my blood (you can refresh your memory by clicking here)? I now fear the worst!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Snax Competition

A couple of weeks ago my wirey pal Axel's mum came to the UK. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet up but while she was here she very kindly sent me one of Axel's favourite toys. Yes, I got my paws on a SNAX!

Anyway, you know the drill by now. I had a great time playing with the SNAX but then all of a sudden it sort of got ripped. And torn. And slightly eaten.

Axel and I thought it would be fun to hold a little contest to guess how long it took me to destroy this toy, so please leave your answers in the comments below. The winner will be the dog who guesses closest to the correct time and will receive a small prize. All will be revealed on Sunday 29th June. Here are a couple of obligatory before and after shots to help you guess.

Good luck pals...

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Last Laugh!

Photo courtesy of the WFTA Calendar 2008*

The Js are always calling me silly names like Mr Muddypaws as I am rather a dirt magnet. However, I now have startling new evidence which reveals that I'm not the only soapdodger in this house. Oh no, siree!

J1 was truly mortified when her black jacket came back from the dry cleaners with this tag attached to the inside label...

Yes, that's right! It says "Grubby"!

Pot, kettle and all that!
*I would like to point out that the top photo isn't me, it's being used purely for illustrative purposes. However, I can confirm that I HAVE been this dirty. On more than one occasion.)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Stringer and Barksdale

My name is Barksdale and this is my pal Stringer. We're the latest knitted additions to the Jackson household...

We're far more handsome than the other toys, doncha think? Do you like my rather natty jumper selection?

I can also go nekkid (ladies may wish to avert their eyes, hubba hubba!).

J1 found me, Barksdale, on the Pet Heaven website. They have also produced a beautiful book for knitting stylin' duds and stuff for dogs, so please check it out here. J1 can't knit for toffee, so there's no hope of me or Jackson getting anything made in the near future. Hrumph!

By the way, Stringer is actually a catnip toy, that's why he's on a bit of string. Yes, he was intended as a plaything for CATS! Oh the indignity! But don't let on I told you that as I said it would be our little secret.

We'll be taking over Jackson's blog occasionally with our adventures. Don't tell him though, as he's rather taken against us and keeps trying to bite our heads off. The nerve!

Monday, 9 June 2008

International Goodie Exchange

I was delighted to discover that my new pal Eric the WFT was going to be sending me gifts as part of the International Goodie Exchange. My parcel arrived last week and it was ram-jammed full of pawsome stuff, all beautifully packaged.

J1 had to shut me out of the room to photograph it, cos I wanted it all RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

The bonanza box included:

2 x chocolate flavour tennis balls (one has already been eaten, thanks pal, it was yummy!)

Carrot treats (apparently they're suitable for Dogs, Rabbits and Rodents). Sorry, but I'm not sharing with any rodents! Or Rabbits for that matter.

Lamb toy. As Eric said on the label, "a lamb to the slaughter"

Dog pyramid (strangely, I'm more interested in the plastic-y deliciousness of the outside, rather than the treats hidden inside).

My own brand of Fairtrade tea for the Js. Plenty of slurps for me!

Hand made Kitty biscuits. Probably the closest I'll ever get to a kitty, unless I manage to catch one again.

Here's Eric supervising the baking:

There was even a book for J1 to read to me before snoozies, called Tips the Terrier.

Thank you Eric for your bumper box of goodies and thanks also to Mr T-Bone Beasley and Chef for the great idea of the goodie exchange! I'm going to be busy enjoying this shedload of stuff for quite some time!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Secret Mission

I know that some of you have been wondering what's happened to the dog on wheels gang. They've been very quiet recently. Well, I can now reveal that they've been on a secret mission. Oh yes, they've somehow managed to get their ugly mugs on a range of Forever Foxed charity greetings cards and they didn't even ask me or Dunstan!

There are four cards featuring Hamilton, Seymour and Barnaby and for each sale Forever Foxed will donate £1.00 to different Fox Terrier charities here in the UK and also in the USA. Pretty nifty, eh?

Fancy a sneak preview of one of the cards? Oh go on then...

Barnaby. Photography by Shaun Oaten

They can all be purchased via the Forever Foxed website. International sales are welcome.

While you're there, check out the new Alphabet of Terriers range featuring Airedales, Irish Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers, of course!

As for me and Dunstan, well, we're going on strike!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Meet Pumpkin, My New Pal

Guess what? I received an email the other day from Pumpkin, a Lakeland Terrier. Her owner is none other than Sarah from the band Belle & Sebastian, mentioned in my previous post! Now Pumpkin lives in Scotland so we're unlikely to meet in pawson but we can be virtual friends, which is probably better for me, being such a grump. Pumpkin has her own page on Dogster so you can check her out there. In the meantime, here she is being chased by her pal, Hector the WFT. He looks kinda ferocious, doesn't he, but Pumpkin assures me that she's the boss.

I asked Pumpkin about Patches the wheelie on the cover of the "Dog on Wheels" CD (see previous post). Sadly he was dognapped and sold on eBay. So someone out there has a famous coverstar wheelie! I wonder if they know?

A few of you asked about the TV show Belle & Sebastian which is where the band took their name from. It was based on a novel "Belle et Sébastien" by Cécile Aubry about a boy and his Great Pyrenees dog who lived in a small French village. It was made into a live action French TV series in the 1960s which used to be repeated endlessly in a dubbed version on UK TV during the school summer holidays. The Js both remember watching it in the 1970s. Later, in the 1980s it was made into a hideous Japanese cartoon. Not the same thing at all! Are you totally confused now? Let me make it simple. For information on Belle & Sebastian (the band) click here. For information on the French TV show, click here. For information on the Japanese cartoon, click here. There, now everyone should be happy.

Don't forget to visit Pumpkin on Dogster and leave her a bone or two...