Monday, 10 May 2010

RIP Jackson

One of the last photos of Jackson, taken by Diane at the recent Fox Terrier Fun Walk

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that Jackson died peacefully in his sleep last night. When I woke early this morning he was still warm but already gone.

As many of you already know, he battled against many health issues during the (almost) 6 years we had with him, including degenerative disc disease, Cushing's Disease, cataracts and had survived major surgery for kidney stones, primary hyperparathyroidism and lung cancer. A short while ago he had a stroke, followed by 2 others, but seemed to be making a good recovery. I think that in the end his poor body had just had enough.

He spent his last day cheerfully, as ever; he trampled some flowers in our garden, sauntered around the local park, dined on pasta and tuna and spent the evening curled up on my lap where I like to think he was dreaming of his favourite occupation, destroying toys.

J2 and I have been very grateful for your support, kind words and comments over the years and hope that you will remember Jackson fondly. He was a dog in a million.

J1 & J2


Molly the Airedale said...

Our hearts are absolutely breaking for you! Jackson is one of our first blogging friends! We will never forget you, Jackson!
We love you, buddy!

Maggie, Mitch and Sue

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

So so sorry to hear this sad news.. I came to know him a little through Diane and know how much he was loved by all.You will be hurting so now, but take a little comfort in knowing he went peacefuly in his sleep and knew how much he was loved.. Love GJ and Carol x

TwoSpecialWires said...

We know as we try to find words, nothing will adequately express our sorrow in the passing of Jackson. What a valiant little dog, the very one who introduced us to this community of families who treasure their four-leggeds as we know you did Jackson. It is because of that that we now cry, along with you. It is because of him that your family is a huge international one that grieves along with you. Jackson will be sorely missed and always always remembered.

We find comfort now only by believing that after so long Jackson runs free of pain and discomfort, full of vision and charged with happy enthusiasm at the Bridge. Just as he was a Leader here on earth, he now can join others and lead a giant gathering, waiting for the day we will all be reunited.

We send our heartfelt condolences and gobs of wirey love,
Jake and Fergi, Sally and Nina xxxxoooo

Ali said...

sorry to hear this news. i've enjoyed reading about this adorable dog.

Ruby Bleu said...

Ruby and I are sending all our love to you today. Jackson was a vwey special boy and he will really be missed.

Lots of love, Ruby & Michele

Jake of Florida said...

Jackson, brave Jackson, was one of our first blogging friends -- and he and his two Js have meant so much to us 4Js.

Jackie, Jamie -- we're not there physically with you; but our hearts are, and we hope our love will bring some comfort at this sad sad time.

xxxx Joan, Jack, Jake, and Just Harry

Deetz said...

WE will miss dear Jackson dearly! He will always be in our hearts and memories. I am so sorry for your loss and I know it was with a heavy heart that you had to post this. The good lord has taken the best of the best this year.
Our tears flow with your today.
Deetzy and Family

Blue said...

No words can express my sorrow.
Jackson was one of my first blog friends, knowing him in person was a joy, a privilege.
Thinking of you.

Much love

Daniella said...

Jackie and Jamie,
Tears are flowing in PHiladelphia today for darling Jackson. Eventhough we never had the privilege to meet him, we are honored to have known him. It is a comfort that he died in his sleep and is free of all his pain at last. We send so much love to you both - what you only did to help Jackson over the years is truly inspirational and heartwarming. If Jackson was the true example of bravery, then you both were true examples of what it is to love and care for a beloved pet.
Much love and sympathy. Jackson will NEVER be forgotten.

Dani and Axel

PS Hope you don't mind Jackie, I posted your email to FTN.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

My heart is breaking for you and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lynn, (the human behind the Rocky Creek Scotties)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We are sorry for your loss -

We are reservedly happy that he crossed at home peacefully -

I'm sure he's chasing bunnies and rats and other WFT nemeses for all he can!

He taught many many of us quite a lesson in courage and desire -

Our best from another part of PA -

Khyra and Her Mom

Princess Patches said...

We are soooooo very sorry! You are so right...he was definitely a dog in a million! Such a brave boy! Run free, sweet Jackson, and play with Poppy and all of our buddies who went to the bridge before you! We will never forget you!

Penny, Patches & Lana

Mango and Party said...

Dear J1 and J2
One of my wires is a rescue... this is his 5th home and I found him to be suffering from epilepsy shortly after adopting him. Jackson is truly our inspiration as I see how he lives such a rich, full and brave life with you. And how both of your love has inspired and given me the courage to be strong for my own wire. My wires and I are truly blessed to have met Jackson.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Jackson.

Hugs and loves,
Mango, Party and Tremandy

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Jax...we have tears running down our faces, but we know you are young again and running and playing at the Bridge, destuffing toys and barking and greeting all those who have gone before us...

We salute you as our Foxy Leader and want you to know we will never forget you.

Um...we can't write anymore just now...

Tears, love and hooooge comforting hugs for the J's...

Scruffy, Lacie, Stanny and Mumsie

Bogart H. Devil said...

We're sending you all of our love... run free Jackson... Big Aire Kisses to you all!

Bogart & Lulu

Eric said...

My heart's breaking for you, I'm so very sad and sorry. Jackson was one of our very first blog friends, helping,advising, offering support and friendships. He'll always be in our hearts and memories.

He stole a corner of our hearts the day we were so priviliged to meet up. That day will always be a happy memory. And the long barking conversation back and forth between Jackson and Eric had as we were leaving is forever imprinted -I'm sure they were saying something important to each other. If only we were as smart as they and able to understand.

I'm so relieved and pleased pleased Jackson was his normal wonderful wiry self right to the end, bless him, lovely boy. One thing I'm sure Jackson did know was that he had the most caring and loving family who were prepared to move heaven and earth to give him whatever it took to make his life the best it could possibly be. Both you and Jackson are one in a million. We'll be thinking of you. Sending much love and comfort your way.

B & Brian & Eric xxxxx

Lois Stankowski said...

J 1 & J 2

So sorry for your loss, Jackson was so special and one of Pearl and Opal's first DWB pals.

He is running free and in no more pain and withall his other friends that have left us.


aka Nanny

Abby said...

We are so sorry for your Loss...

We know it has been a long road for Jackson & for you, the ones who love him so much...

Run Free, Sweet Jackson...

Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family...

Much Love,
Abby & her Mom xxxxxxoooooo

Simba and Jazzi said...

He will be sadly missed. Our hearts go out to you.

Claire, John, Simba and Jazzi xxx

the many Bs said...

oh Jackson, we will miss you, wonderful wonderful boy. you were one of our bestest friends. we will always remember you with lots of happiness

we hope that your J's will find some comfort in their wonderful memories of you and in the pages of your blog. we offer our condolences.

rest easy, kiddo.

sad woofs from the 4Bs and our mom

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

So very sorry to hear about Jackson's passing! He's definitely a special doggie and friend....although we've only met for a while, Jackson sure is a true blue warrior, battling whatever comes his way with pride and dignity. Run free, Jackson...we will miss you lots!


Lenny said...

No words...
Truly a dog in a million.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We are so sorry for your loss. We have been looking for updates and were saddened to find one today. Purrs, tail wags and hugs.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

We have such heavy hearts today. We are so very sorry for this huge loss. What a gift he gave you by slipping away in his sleep. Peacefully. I imagine he is up in heaven ruling as the leader he was here on DWB.
All of us have so many that are already there and we imagine the meeting up is joyful. For you, I hope for a few smiles as you look back over the years. So hard, so very hard a thing to lose our dogs.
Just Jake has put up Rudyard Kipling's poem. Which we can only answer that the joy while here is why we give our hearts to a dog to tear.
Please know we will hold you in our hearts.
(((((((HUGS)))))) from across the bug pee
Run and play Jackson. You have so many to look up and become great friends with while you wait on your folks.
Sad licks, with heads bowed in respect
Jamie & the Texas Sundogs

Piappies World said...

We are sorry to read about the sad news. We keep our paws crossed that Jackson be happy over at the rainbow bridge, watching over you every day. Run free and painless.

- Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

The Brat Pack said...

We're so very sorry to read this news. He was so loved and will be missed dearly. :(

With love,
Maryann & The Brats

Amy & the house of cats said...

We are so so sorry for your loss. We know that Jackson was very lucky to pass while at home surrounded by love. We are sure he knew and is at the bridge looking down, feeling good and sending you lots of love. We are sending over lots of comforting thoughts and prayers for you.

Lacy said...

sad woofs, we are soo sorry for your loss...our hearts are breaking..know that u are surrounded by our love...RIP sweet boy, run with the wind..

a sad,
angel lacylulu
and mama..

Mojo said...

Such sad news, and we really feel for you all. He's going to leave a big wiry-shaped hole, but it's good knowing he went in peace. Big hugs to you all
Mojo and her mum

Linda said...

Our hearts are with you J1 & J2 in this sad time. We know how much you loved & cared for sweet Jackson in his time with you. We hope Angel Snickers is showering him with lots of wirey licks. Run free dear Jackson.
Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Mama

Unknown said...

I'll miss you Jax. You truly were a Substantial Wire - especially in heart and soul.

There's a warehouse filled with stuffies, replenished daily, just waiting for you in Heaven.

Your pal,


Peanut said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Run free sweet boy.

Unknown said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Run free sweet Friend...
A big hug J1 and j2... with love

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

we are so very sorry for your loss. RIP, Jackson
Morgan & Maisie

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We never really knew Jackson very well, but we have always followed his many trials and tests with his health. We are very sorry he had to leave, but what a blessing that he went peacefully in his sleep. That is something we all hope for as opposed to that dreadful decision.

Soft woos to all of you for your loss.

Hugs and Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom

Thor and Jack said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Sending you all our love!
Run free Jackson.
Thor and mom

Life with Ozzy said...

Oh man another great guy gone from us. Mom and I read this and cried well she did but I admit it I teared up over his loss. Mom says to say you are all in our thoughts and prayers and we're sending love to you.

Jen & Ozzy

Marvin (oh and Jeannie!) said...

Our thoughts are with you J. I am so so so so sorry to read this news. Jackson battled long and hard, and overcame many obstacles, his verve for living was an example to us all.

Run free sweet Jackson, across the Rainbow Bridge.......

And Marvin barks, he is glad Jackson dined so well, and spent his last hours curled up on a warm lap. Plus the trampling of the flowers......a wonderful example of Exemplary Dogness.

RIP indeed sweet Boy.

Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxxxx

Nelly said...

He had the perfect last day with you. Run free little boy!

Nelly xx

doyle and mollie said...

yes run free brave man loves and licks xxx

Niko and Cloud said...

We are very sorry for you loss. May he have many good bones to chew on and balls to fetch on the other side.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

My beloved Pip of Pal Jackson...for almost four years you have been my special not of my same spieces furrrriend. A beautiful dog and his kitty pal. I am so proud to have known you...never have I been more enchanted with a doggie friend. You were a joy to show off to all of my friends. Your braveness inspired so many of us. Your story captured our hearts. You opened up a new world of hope for so many and that will be your legacy. You taught us how to destroy toys in a nano second while charming the socks off of us as you did it! We will never forget you Jackson. I hope you will be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge when I arrive some day...until that day, please know that I am forever foxed by knowing you!
Your Pip of a Pal Miss Peach

Sally said...

We were so heartbroken to hear this very sad news - we have been very blessed to have known Jackson. He was one special boy indeed - he brought so many people and dogs together - each life richer for having known him. All our love and thoughts are with you - Diana, Chris, Sally and Paddy and the Fox Terrier Rescue

Karen and Dooley said...

Very sad to hear your news Jackie. Honoured that I got to meet Jackson and see him in the splendor of his chariot. Also glad that Jackson was able to live such a full life until the end. All our very best wishes xx

Karen and Dooley xx

D.K. Wall said...

We are so incredibly sorry for your loss and wanted you to know that we are thinking of you.

Toby said...

Run free Jackson. We will all miss you very much.


erin said...

We are very sad for your loss. Jackson was a totally pawesome terrier and one of our most favorite DWBs. It is comforting to hear that his passing was peaceful and that his last day was a good one. We will always remember him.
Love from Erin
Nose bumps from Keeley
And licks from Teagan

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I miss you Jax, and I look forward to meeting you at the bridge for a game of tug and a coupla snarlies.

To the Js, Jax is with you always in your hearts.

I love you too.

Bussie Kissies



The three remaining Desert Pups just want to say that we are sorry to hear that Jackson Crossed The Bridge. He was a remarkable creature and we only wished we had met him earlier. His last day on this earth seemed to be like a dog's paradise and shows the love that you truly felt in your heart for such a sweet pup. We know that he will be missed.

Desert Pups,
Toby, Norman, Keiko and The Ghost of Scuba.

The Airechicks said...

He's a VERY SPECIAL character that crossed our path and we're better for knowing him and his courage and strength.

Take comfort in knowing you both give the best and he touched so many folks near and far.

We'll be holding tight in our prayers and hearts and thoughts -

Please take care and remember we love you both.

Lorenza said...

I am so sorry to know about Jackson.
He will be forever in our hearts.
Thanks for sharing him with all of us.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Dexter said...

Stopping by to pay respects to Jackson and send my good thoughts to his family. Our furry friends are with us for such a brief time. Every moment is special.


Raising Addie said...


We are so sorry. There are not many words that can ease the pain. We were lucky to have known him through your blog. He has the best company at the bridge.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Tesla said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

We lost our Pongo a little over a month ago. He is romping and playing with your sweet Jackson at the bridge.

RIP sweet boy.

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

So sorry to hear about Jackson's passing but we realize he is in a special place where he is healthy and whole and probably chasing butterflies:) We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers with hopes that you will have more smiles than tears when you think of this special pup:)
Ozzie & Rocky

Southbaygirl said...

J1 and J2,

We are so very sorry to hear of your loss! Jackson fought so hard! We are happy that he spent his last day at your feet!!

Rest in Peace Jackson! You will be dearly missed but never forgotten!

Woof, purrs, prayers and hugs from us to you

Velcro, Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom, Skye and mom Penny

Life With Dogs said...

This came as a devastating surprise tonight - as I'm sure it was for you this morning. I'm so very sorry. Run free sweet boy.

ScrapsofMe said...

Our hearts reach out to you today.
soft woofie kisses,
Bonnie and her support staff

Scout and Freyja said...

Please know that your have my deepest condolences on the loss of your dear friend. There is never a good time to lose someone you love. You can spend one hundred years by their side and you still long for one more.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Run free beautiful boy - you will be missed. You have earned your angel wings buddy......

J1 & J2 - our hearts break for you, know you are in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Brooke, Greg, Opy, Benson & Angel Charlie

Suka said...

I just heard about your loss from Khyra. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family for your loss. Jackson was a beautiful dog with an amazing Spirit. Your tribute to him is extremely loving and touching and brought tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart. I am so sorry for your loss. Jackson will truly be missed. Our hearts go out to you and yours.


Suka and K

Jacqueline said...

So sorry for your tremendous loss; our hearts are heavy for you tonight...Wishing you comfort and peace during this sad time...Love is an energy that never dies...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We came over from Khyra's blog to give you our sincere condolances. losing a loved pet is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.

RIP sweet Jackson.

Eric said...

Stopping by to send some licks, hugs and kisses as we know what an overwhelming sad day it will be for today and tell you we are thinking of you.

Wiry love Eric xx

3 doxies said...

Godspeed Jackson...may you live furever in da hearts of those who knew and loved you. We
we're sending big doxie hugs to your parents.

Bruce said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Jackson's memory will live on and on and on.
Bruce the cat

Ulysse des Irr├ęductibles Cathares said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know we're thinking of you under those sad circumstances.
We so enjoyed reading Jackson's posts on his bloggie, we'll miss him and never forget.
Our hearts go to you.
Wirey Luv' and big big hugs from France,
Ulysse & his Mom x♥x♥x♥x

umekotyan said...

Good evening Jackson
I am sad.
We do all both minds, and see the rainbow bridge of Jackson.

from loved ume tyan

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Jackson will be missed by so many.
Purrs and hugs to you at this sad time.
--JB, Chester, CB, ARmani, Gaia, Charli and mom Deb

Ruby's Raiser said...

We are so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful boy. Sending you our warmest thoughts and deepest sympathies.

Normans Mom (Juanita) said...

awwww, my heart goes to you dear friend. Jackson was really one of my favourites to follow. I did not comment much, but he really was a very special little pup! He is an angel now, looking after his family on earth from doggy heaven... happy to be away from the pains of his earthly body. Wagging his little tail and chewing his toys... all over again (coz they are brand new again!)

Thank you for sharing his life with us xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello. My mom and I came over from Maggie and Mitch's bloggie and we just want to tell you how very sorry we are to hear about your dear Jackson. It is obvious that he was loved greatly and loved you greatly in return. He was a lucky boy to have peoples who cared about him so much. I hope your hearts will someday be filled with only happy memories of your sweet boy.

Mayzie and her Mom

Sunshade said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, but take in comfort that Jackson is no longer suffering and he had the BESTEST possible last day with you guys. He will be looking down on you and smiling, knowing how much he was loved by you, and the rest of the world.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Noah the Airedale said...

Hello Js
Jackson was such a good little man.
We thought of him often and wondered how he was doing most days. He was a real trooper and we are very sorry to hear he has gone.Thinking of you guys.

Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Gus said...

We are doing ketchup today, since muzzer is out of town and we have had a hard time getting good reception here.

We know she has already written you, but we wanted you to know how sorry we are, and how lonely we feel without Jackson's caring and gentley leadership.

We admire all of you for your bravery and the love you share.

Gussie and Teka

Ina in Alaska said...

This is my first visit and I come to you from a number of our common friends' blogs. I just want to tell you how sorry I am to know of your broken heart. It seems that Jackson was a valiant fighter but his little body just could not do any more. So sorry to you all, when our precious pets leave us they leave such gaping holes in our hearts and lives. When you say Jackson was one in a million I can agree with you! When we lost our Porter in 2007 I knew there could never be another like him and there has not been. Again, so sorry, I only wish they could stay with us longer. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I met Jackson this year on the Fox Terrier Walk at Brighton and it was wonderful to see him after seeing this wonderful blog he created. He had his carriage for getting out and about he was a great dog.
He has crossed the rainbow bridge and is chasing rabbits in doggy heaven.
R.I.P Jackson

Pat Wahler said...

My heart aches for you. You're in my prayers.


Finn and family said...

J1 and J2
Have only just read your sad news, and had a little cry. Although we had only just met you and Jackson for the first time at the Fox Terrier walk, we felt we knew Jackson and all his friends through your web pages, and really felt welcomed into the Fox Terrier community when we met. Thank you for that, and for the chance to meet the beautiful boy. So sorry for your loss - love from us all xxx

Teddy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry I didn't get to know Jackson better, but I'd heard of him through other bloggers. He looked like a real softie, though a fighter too dealing with all he did. Hugs to you and your family.

Teddy, T-man Angel, CC-man and their mom

Stanley said...

Oh, J's...

We loved our Action Jackson, Master of Destruction with all of our goober hearts. We send you our love and a load of hugs. A boy like Jax leaves a mark (or several)!

Thank you for sharing him with all of us. That fuzzy guy was definitely loved, and he knew it!

Run like the WIND, buddy!

Goober love,
Stanley & his girl (Lisa)

Inky and Molly said...

What a great day to spend the last day on this planet.
We wish you lots of strength for the weeks and months ahead.
We'll be thinking of you!
Run free, little Jackson!!

Poppy Q said...

So sorry to hear about Jackson, we know you will miss him lots. Smooches and hugs to you all.

Mum and Poppy Q

Anonymous said...

We have come over from Misses Peach's blog to tell you that we are so sorry for your loss. Just take peace in knowing that he is no longer suffering and is at The Bridge running around with all of the other furries and destroying toys up there. He knows you loved him with every fiber you had and he is waiting for the day where you will meet again.

Fly Free Jackson, Fly Free...

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

We are very sorry about Jackson. Sending you rpurrs and soft woofs.

Bocci said...

My Parental Unit and I are so sorry for the loss of your sweet Jackson-our hearts go out to you.
We lost our wonderful wire boy, Carson, two years ago, and we miss him still.
Our thoughts are with you,
Bocci and Bocci's Parental Unit

Anonymous said...

We are friends of Miss Peach and send our condolences on the loss of your son Jackson.

Dewey Dewster said...

Dear J1 and J2,

We are so sorry to hear about Jackson's passing....we are reading this late because of Gram but that is another story....

It is so nice to know that Jackson left for the rainbow bridge on his own terms and when he felt the time was right.

We know that you will both miss him terribly as we all will.....

He was one special wire fox terrier and you two are 2 special wire lovers.

With warm regards,
Dewey Dewster, Asta Marie, Toby, Gram and Pap too

Tina T-P said...

I saw from my friend Misses Peach that your friend Jackson had gone to the bridge. I am sorry for you loss - it sounds like he had a wonderful life with you and you will have many happy memories of your time together to help you through this sad time. Sincerely, T.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

We just found out from Asta about dear little Jackson's passing to the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry for your loss. Our hearts are sad for you.
X-BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

J1 and J2
We want you to know we are keeping you in our thoughts...

We can't even imagine your loss.


Hugs to you both,

Scruffy, Lacie, Stan and Mumsie

FLAMINIA said...


The Airechicks said...

J's - just came by to let you know we're thinking about you guys and have destroyed some stuffies in memory of Jackson. He'd be very proud of our efforts; we're not a good as Jackson his self but we tried.

Holding you guys in our thought and hearts and prayers.


How Sam Sees It said...

We are sorry to hear this. We are sending you lots of hugs.

Sam, Aaron and Christine

Hollie and Janie said...

It absolutely breaks my heart and my mama's to hear about Jackson. I so loved reading his blog and having a glimpse into his life! Our prayers and thoughts are with you!
Janie and Hollie, her mama

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

We just wanted to stop by to tell you again how sorry we are for your huge loss. Only one week has passed, and we think of both of you often.
God Bless you both. Jackson will be waiting while having fun at the bridge. Gone from your sight for now. Just for now.
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie too

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Dear J & J,

So very sorry to hear about Jackson. While we haven't updated Luna's blog in a while (life gets in the way) we still scan the blogs and are saddened by the bad news. We loved reading about Jackson's adventures, he was the true destroyer of stuffies. Jackson will always be in our thoughts.


John, Joan, and Luna

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Our hearts are breaking learning of Jackson's passing. Our first friend on blogger, and an inspiration that some day, Sam will grow up. Our thoughts are with you. WFT kisses to all...... Sam, Katie, Zorra and Jonna......

Hammer said...

Dear J1 and J2
We have not visited any blogs for a very long time. We received a visitor to Beau's website from Verdi and Gaucho's blog, so we thought we'd check to see how Jackson was going. We are so very sorry. The tears streamed down our mum's face when she read your words. We will always remember our good friend, Jackson.
Love from Hammer

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I am so sorry to hear the sad news. We are all sad for yu heer. We noe wat it is like to looz a furry frend. It shor duzz sownd that his paw body got all worn owt. Paw, paw Jackson. I hope he is enjoyin runnin throo long grarss (goin "Whee!" over the top ov it evry now an then) up in Heven an is allreddy chekkin owt the best picnic spots.

We ar sendin yu cyber hugs, tea an cayke, an hope yu will soon be abol to think abowt him wiv lots ov smiles insted ov tears. But we now it will tayke a wile.

Bear hugs
Bob TB

Juno said...

Dear J1 and J2... we're so so sorry about your loss. We always knew that our lovely friend Jackson had many health issues but he looked happy and healthy and was in good hands. Now we know he has no pain and runs free. We'll all join you, Jackson...

Momo & Pinot

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Jackson...we want ya to know we talked to ya sometimes when we see the stars above in the sky...or a butterfly...or a bootiful flower...

Cuz we know you are here with us...and with your mom and dad...

And we know you are free from all the ailments that troubled your earthy body...we saw the moves that butterfly're fast, Jaxman!!!

Kisses to J1 and J2....we're thinking of ya...

And just so you know, Mumsie's typing this on her laptop in the kitchen and a butterfly JUST FLEW OVER HER HEAD. Randomly...or maybe not so randomly, :)

We love you dear boy,

Lacie, Scruffman and Stan

and Mumsie who is beginning to accept amazing things happening while blogging!!!

We love you all!

Mumsie who is going to go search out this's midnight...why would be visiting now? Do ya think he has a beardie? Just sayin'!!

Deetz said...

We think about you always and are always in our hearts forever.

Vicky said...

Oh I am so sorry, I have only just read your post, I hadn't looked at dog blogs much since H left for the bridge, but thought I'd pop in to check on his old friends, Jackson was such a fighter with all the problems he'd suffered, this is such sad news. My thoughts are with you x

Mango and Party said...

Still thinking of you.

Hope you can keep this blog alive so that we can still visit and be inspired and cheered by your wiry tales and fighting spirit.

Mango, Party & human

Amber-Mae said...

Oh no...I just found out that Jackson left us all many months ago. I'm so sad that I wasn't keeping up with my blogging that time so I didn't know about it. This is just so sad. Will miss him.