Saturday, 24 February 2007

Dinner for two (continued)

Here's Molly on our date last Thursday. I think she looks pretty foxy, don't you? We had pasta for dinner, with a sprinkling of parmesan. Pasta is one of my favourite things especially with lots of lovely tomato sauce which makes my beard go all red and sticky. Molly is a bit camera shy and didn't want any photos taken of her while she was eating. I think she was a bit worried I would finish mine first and then try and eat her dinner too. As if!


Maggie said...

Molly is a cutie Jackson! You really know how to choose em'!!! I with you on the pasta bit. yummy!!!!

Love ya lots,

Freda said...

Hey Jackson,

Was just sniffin' around Mackie's place and read that you are havin' surgery next week. All the best to you and your humans.

Lots of licks and crossed paws.



Gus said...

Teka and I love pasta too. The more garlic the better, and muzzer uses lots of garlic. But then, we don't have any romantic interests in one another, so..... maybe you should ask your mom to hold the garlic when Molly comes?

Bogart said...

Hey Jackson, I just read on Mackie's blog that you have to go in for an operation next week -- sending you ALL THE TERRIER LOVE and hope you have a speedy recovery!!!!!

Love and Aire-kisses,

Dean-O! said...

Hiya Jackson! I am keeping my paws crossed for you to get better & back to full-blast wire-y ways soon...

Oscar Airedale said...

She's a beauty, that's for sure. Lucky boy! Glad the dinner date went well.

Paws crossed for your surgery.

Oscar x

Peanut said...

Well I am sure you are to much of a gentledog to eat her meal of course but women can be odd and you never know what they are thinking.

Mango & Party said...

Hey Jackson,

Ooo, you are a cool looking wire. And you are just like me, rehomed, and seven this year. Sorry to hear that you had been sick. I'm on meds too.
Thanks for visiting our blog, do come by often!

Wire rules,
Party (and Mango)

Mango & Party said...

Hi Jackson!

You are a such a cool wire. And we sure have some similarities rehomed and I'm seven too! Sorry to hear that you were sick. Me on the meds too.

Thanks for visiting our blog, do come by often!

Wiry woofs,
Party (and Mango)