Thursday, 22 February 2007

Dinner for two

Molly's coming round for dinner tonight so I've got lots to do.

Firstly I've got to spruce myself up a bit. Is this my best side?

Then I've got to decide what to make for dinner.

Better remember to hide my toys.

I think I've got time for a quick snooze before she gets here.


Maggie said...

That was a great idea to hide the toys! So what did you decide on for dindin? Steak maybe?

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Ooh, get you Mr Romantic My Aire-girl lives in Switzerland so she can't pop round for dinner :-(

Mum likes your bed, she thinks it's Cath Kidston design & she really likes her stuff.

Oscar x

Dean-O! said...

Hi Jackson!

I am Dean-O! & live in Montreal, Canada. Our friend Mackie told me about you, so I came for a quick visit. Sorry i couldn’t stay for dinner...

Gus said...

Jackson: You are lucky to live so close to Molly! My beloved Miss Snickers lives in Iowa. That is too far for me to walk, specially cause I can't cross streets by myself. And of course, muzzer won't let me take the car.

Hope you enjoy your dinner

lovelorn Gussie

Wired for Mackie said...

Go get em, Jackson! Pretty girls are my favorite! I hope you have a good dinner!

And by the way, mom and I are praying for you on Wednesday! : )

Your pal,

The Latshaws said...

Hi Jackson!
My name is Lenny, and I live in Indiana, USA. I like your blog a lot - you have really nice pictures, and I learned a lot about all of those famous fox terriers! Thanks! Heard about you from the fabulous Butchy and Snickers.


Dean-O! said...

Hi Jackson Handsome! You are on my friends list too. Thanks for linking up with me. Your wired pal, Dean-O!